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Rewards Scheme

Reward points are earned whenever one of the following ticket types are sold using your rep link.

  • Adult single day entrance, concession single day entrance = 1 Reward point
  • Adult three-day ticket, three-day concession, child three-day ticket, silver package Friday, silver package Saturday, silver package Sunday = 2 Reward points
  • Gold package Friday, gold package Saturday, gold package Sunday = 3 reward points
  • Friday platinum package, Saturday platinum package, Sunday platinum package, family three-day ticket = 4 reward points
  • 3 day camping, 5 day camping = 5 reward points

You have until the 08/07/2019 to sell as many tickets as you can through your unique rep link to earn rewards ** No refunds will be given to fan-sharers who want to exchange their purchased ticket(s) for their awarded ticket(s) or upgrades** An email to be sent out to all reps signed up on the 08/07/2019 detailing what rewards they have reached with the details of how to claim!

Level Reward Cost (points)
1 1x Free Day Ticket 6
2 2x Free Day Tickets 12
3 2x Free Day Tickets and 1x Premium Parking (any day) 15
4 2x Free Day Tickets and 1x In-show parking (any day) 20
5 4x Free Day Tickets, 2x In-show parking (any day) 30
6 6x Free Day Tickets, 3x premium parking (any day) and 2x Sunday silver packages 50
7 8x Free Day Tickets, 4 x premium parking (any day) and 4 x Sunday Gold packages 75
8 10x Free Day Tickets, 5 in-show parking (any day), 5 x Sunday Gold packages & 2 x Saturday gold packages 150
9 10x Free Day TIckets, 5 in-show parking (any day), 4 x Sunday platinum packages, 2 x Saturday gold packages 200
10 10x Free Day Tickets, 5 in-show parking (any day), 5 x Sunday platinum packages 300
11 10x Free Day Tickets, 5 in-show parking (any day), 5 x Sunday platinum packages, 5x Sunday silver packages, 5x Saturday silver packages 500

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