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Rewards Scheme

Reward points are earned whenever one of the following ticket types are sold using your rep link.

  • VIP - PATCH OF GRASS + TICKET Tickets = 20 Reward points
  • STANDARD WEEKEND and VIP - PATCH OF GRASS UPGRADE Tickets = 10 Reward points
Level Reward Cost (points)
1 Festival 2019 T-shirt 40
2 Goody bag (tshirt, lanyard with stage times, festival programme) 50
3 Festival 2019 Hoody 60
4 1 x Day ticket SATURDAY 70
5 1 x Day ticket SUNDAY 70
6 1 x Day ticket FRIDAY 70
7 Upgrade Hospitality passes giving access to VIP Hospitality bar (not VIP campsite) *must have a standard weekend ticket already 80
8 Standard weekend camping ticket 100
9 Upgrade to VIP weekend camping tickets - (must have a standard weekend ticket already) 120
10 1 x Pair of day tickets SUNDAY 130
11 1 x Pair of day tickets FRIDAY 130
12 1 x Pair of day tickets SATURDAY 130
13 Watch band from side of stage (each winner gets +1) 140
14 VIP weekend camping ticket 200

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